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Amusement Safety Manuals

Inflating Safety Deflating Risk
A Safety Manual for Inflatable Owners & Operators

Media Type: CD

Price: $39.95

Author(s): William H. Avery & Brian D. Avery

Description: Over 14 sections addressing some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the safe operation of inflatable devices. Reduce your potential liabilities by providing a safe experience to your guests by learning the answers to these important questions: do standards affect my operation, do I need insurance, what should I document, are inspections necessary, what should I do after an accident and so much more! This manual covers accident investigation, press procedures, insurance needs, standards affecting the industry, proper operation, training, safety checklists, documentation, and other valuable information. The manual is available on CD. Materials are saved as Word and Excel files allowing materials to be customized. The materials are also saved as Adobe files (Adobe Reader Included). Over 15 executable forms available. Order your inflatable safety manual today...



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